Jake the Cupcake

A puppet made for S02E02 of “Ask the Storybots”. Jake was one of 2 central puppets for this episode that were sculpted from scratch using medium Chavant, then molded and casted. The final puppet body was a mix of silicone, silicone foam and urethane foam, with build up limbs and a fabric costume, with a wire armature.

Final frame from “Ask the Storybots: Why Can’t I Eat Dessert All The Time?”

Jake also glows under blacklight!

Jake also glows under blacklight!


Broc O’ Lee

The second main character in this episode. The body was sculpted in medium Chavant, and then molded and cast in urethane foam. The limbs are silicone, and the body was painted up using crushed pastels. There is a wire armature inside.


4 Food Groups + Desserts

In this same episode of Ask the Storybots, I also fabricated over 2 dozen side characters to showcase all the food groups. The bodies were made using a variety of techniques based on the individual puppets specific needs, but all featured silicone limbs.


This episode called for an entire Frat Party worth of desserts, which needed to be shot under tungsten lighting and UV light. These were made using a variety of methods, from attaching limbs to prop food, to casting resin copies of real food (such as chocolate bars and pop tarts), to fabricating food packages from scratch.

4 Food Groups

These characters were more prominent than the dessert crowd, and were needed for roughly 1-2 minutes of animation each. Costumes fabricated by Edlyn Capulong.